Mission Statement:

Making unique, fun, and technical games.

Welcome to our house of games!

uprising screen shot.

Frozen Shoes Games is currentely a team of five attending DigiPen Institute of Technology.

We are excited to be studying in the world of games and will continue to for one more year until we graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation.

Put Me Out!

A chinese dragon

Put Me Out! is available now!

Check out the firefighting action now!

Uprising: Hours of Aventine

Cradle C

This is our completed freshman second semester game. It is a turn based strategy Strategy game that relies heavily on terrain. Something innovative about this game is our unique turn system called the Queue List.

Team members on this game include:

  • Tony Chiu
  • Robert Lui
  • Eric Hildreth
  • Alex Williams

  • Our game is available for download on the Uprising page.